Re-ignite the Spark with your Business.

Clients come to me seeking help with their marketing, or messaging, or brand, or because they just feel stuck.

But, deep down, what most really want is to realize the opportunity that they know they have inside of them – which has the byproduct of more clients, money, influence, vision and fun.

They’re sick of feeling like they’re wasting time, effort, money, and want to see how far they can develop.

So why work with a coach?

Simply put, there’s a difference between having the inherent opportunity and ability, and being able to access this ability.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already found some capacity to grow and tap into your sweet spot; which lead to growth in your career and relationships.

You've had success, but you've also found yourself in a rut. It could be that you're paralyzed by your success, or you're no longer clear on what's next.

You've lost the spark.

For a lot of us, that’s unrecognized stress, negative self-talk, and communication patterns that keep us from rapid growth.

What I find is it’s almost always an issue of perception – meaning the way we’re viewing our business, career, or relationships is the culprit of ongoing patterns of trouble.

This is especially difficult because it means there's no simple "to-do" you can implement to fix it. That's why you've tried the meditation, the yoga, and the 5-step morning routine without lasting improvement.

It's this perception that gives us so much trouble, and is difficult to see for ourselves.

Together, we work rebuild your momentum and forward growth towards what you want.

My job is to notice; where your ability is, where you want to go, and what your desires are to help you identify the path that gets you there.

We work on discovering the weights you didn't know you are holding, so you can let them go, and clarifying the direction you want to head in so you know you're making clear progress.

12 Weeks, 12 Conversations.
All to help you have...

- Better communication in your relationships.
- Better decision making from a healthy place.
- Less stress/anxiety, more fun.
- Tools to help you prep/manage any stress that does occur.
- Confidence and clarity in your path.
- A Healthier relationship and attitude with your business or work.

Many people feel like this is one of the only places they can share about these topics and dissect them to find real value and insight.

The reasons you might benefit from a coach:

There’s really only one:
Commitment to move to the next level of growth in an area of your choosing, by investing there.

I’m honored to be the guide for entrepreneurs and business owners who are committing to their next stage of growth, and take great care and responsibility in my role to help them with that.

Whether or not I’m the right person for you, you can find out by getting in touch.

But even if it’s not me, I’ve found coaching to be hugely valuable.

In fact, each one of them has been a turning point for my life and career.

When is it the right time?

You know that phrase, “When the student is ready, the Master appears?” – I honestly can say that has been true every time I worked with a coach.

So if you’re finding me now, and if it feels like serendipity based on what you’ve read, I encourage you to reach out.

Maybe even just one conversation (free just to see if it’s a fit) would help you on your journey. You never know.

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"With David's help I've been able to identify my sweet spot in my business. I highly recommend David as your coach if you're wondering, "where does my business go from here?"
Alex Barker, Speaker/Author and Founder of Happy Pharma MD

"If you're looking for someone to help you grow your brand get clarity on things like Marketing, but do it in a way that are in line with who you are, there's no better guy than David."
Azul Terronez, TED Speaker and Author.

Compound Investment:

P.S. I do not intend to have any clients become reliant on me as a coach, and my philosophy is that as you build your career and body of work, it’s crucial that our work together only strengthens everything you do from here on out.

This investment is not just one for more energy and purpose now, but will leave you with tools that can carry on long after our work together is done.

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I'm David. For the past 6 years, I built Death to Stock.

I built the DTS email list to 500k+ email subscribers without advertising.

Now, I coach Founders to find their sweet spot of value and purpose.

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