Hey, I'm David.                   I help Artists and
Business owners grow their influence and
build a unique brand around who they are.

Founder: Death to the Stock Photo

I bootstrapped the brand, which has brought in over $1.5Mill with a team of two, growing the email list to 500k+ email subscribers without advertising.

Death to Stock

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At your office or on a retreat, my goal is to make your team shine simply by being themselves.

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"You've helped me break out of a rut multiple times via video calls. While the branding feedback and strategy is super helpful, it's the non-judgmental accountability that has made the biggest impact. I've gone from being quietly protective of my work to creating and sharing in the open.

This shift has empowered me to capture feedback from others without feeling like I'm compromising my own voice. The result is a stronger personal brand, website, and foundation for my freelance business.

Max Joles, Designer and Web Architecture Specialist.

"With David's help I've been able to identify my sweet spot in my business. I highly recommend David as your coach if you're wondering, "where does my business go from here?"

Alex Barker, Speaker/Author and Founder of Happy Pharma MD

"If you're looking for someone to help you grow your brand get clarity on things like Marketing, but do it in a way that are in line with who you are, there's no better guy than David."

Azul Terronez, TED Speaker and Author.